My Research

I feel so privileged to be able to work with an NGO in Australia who fund a women’s health group in Nepal.  There is a high prevalence of uterine prolapse in young Nepali women creating significant morbidity and reduced quality of life for them.

I am looking at how pelvic floor muscle exercise can influence quality of life for women with Grade I-III pelvic organ prolapse living in rural regions of Nepal.  Firstly, I’ll conduct some formative research to understand knowledge and awareness of pelvic floor muscle exercise and prolapse.  I will use realtime ultrasound to observe the pelvic floor muscles while using different Nepali phrases and descriptions.  Later in 2016 I will be returning to Nepal to do a descriptive study using 4 Dimensional ultrasound to collect data on the morphology of the pelvic floor.  We can then compare women in Nepal with different races to understand what is considered normal for Nepali women.

The results from the formative study will help develop an illustrative handout teaching Nepali women how to do pelvic floor muscle exercise.  The handout will be tested in November 2016 to see if it can educate women to create a positive impact on their pelvic floor related symptoms.  If the handout has an impact on women who have a prolapse or incontinence it can be utilised throughout Nepal as an educational tool.  My goal is to then modify the handout to be culturally appropriate in other developing countries.

If you have an interest in women’s health and would like to help support the NGO who funds prolapse screening camps in Nepal, you can donate to Asian Aid Australia by visiting their website

Namaste 🙂

Women waiting for the prolapse screening camp in Nepal
Women waiting for the prolapse screening camp in Nepal

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