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Judging a book by it’s cover

In research, we know not to form assumptions, be swayed by your own biases or to make unfounded judgements.  This often creates a natural instinct to critically appraise everything that crosses your path.  This has trickled into my real life as now my eyes are drawn to typos and I have become quite skeptical of… Continue reading Judging a book by it’s cover

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Hear me ROAR!! Finding your voice

I consider myself a baby feminist and have been on the pursuit of knowledge and empowerment for a few years. Fiercely devouring books on feminism and following women who are fearlessly leading the way, I am only now learning to hear and trust my voice. It was only recently that it really dawned on me… Continue reading Hear me ROAR!! Finding your voice

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Comparison: the buzzkill

There are some days during my PhD journey that I feel like a winner.  Emails come through with definitive answers and advice, words flow onto the laptop screen and goals are checked off the list.  These days are deeply satisfying and are what keep me pushing forward through the PhD marathon. This moment of feeling accomplished can be… Continue reading Comparison: the buzzkill