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Hindsight is not always everything

It was not until I started writing up the results for a manuscript that I was suddenly and dramatically struck with most certain clarity! Upon reflection of my research study I found myself starting to question every decision made. This microscopic scrutinisation effortlessly highlighted every flaw, leaving me with a heavy sinking feeling. In hindsight… Continue reading Hindsight is not always everything

feedback · Phd · PhD life · research · stress

Communicating in an Academic world: 101

It’s taken me almost two years to finally figure out how to respond to emails from those in the Academic world. ¬†During the first year of my PhD, email correspondence was fraught with misunderstandings, bruised egos and then meetings to clear up the misunderstandings. ¬†Email communication is tricky especially when you don’t know each other… Continue reading Communicating in an Academic world: 101